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Tattoo cover up revealed! Scandal over.

Tattoo cover up is revealed. Step by step how I covered up the past and created a new tattoo. Maybe you or someone you know has a reminder of their […]

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The Art of the cover up

 The art of the cover up revisited. Seems like it is every other day that I am doing a tattoo cover up or fixing up poorly done tattoo. The skull […]

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A Colorful Cover Up

 The older tattoo was simple comedy and tragedy  masks. The tattoo was not well done and need to be upgraded. Keeping with a color theme that will add to her […]

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More Tattoo cover ups

Here is a tattoo that was poorly planned and executed. The owner was not very pleased with the workmanship in tattoo work. So we set up a plan and then […]

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Koi cover up

Old tattoo before the cover up begins. Your tattoo is not really that permanent. I really like doing cover up tattoos. They are always a bit of a challenge and […]

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The Big Cover Up

Another successful cover up tattoo. When you look through my blog you will see that I do a lot of cover up tattoo work and a lot of custom tattoo […]

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Cover up revealed

Erasing the past is never easy, but it is possible with the right design. Here I show off a tattoo cover up.As you can see the new tattoo taking shape […]

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The Art of the Cover Up Again!

Covering up an old Harley Davidson tattoo with a more stylish and modern looking Chrysanthemum.This is the before, done by someone that ordered a tattoo kit off EBay. That was […]

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The Tattoo Cover Up Exposed

Here is the before, this tattoo was done just a few months ago at a shop not too far from Rose City Tattoo. What you put in the skin is […]

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The Art Of The Cover Up

Why not get that name? It can always be covered up. Here you see the tattoo with the outline complete. Now the finished tattoo. I think it will be better […]

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