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Tattoo cover up revealed! Scandal over.

Tattoo cover up is revealed. Step by step how I covered up the past and created a new tattoo. Maybe you or someone you know has a reminder of their […]

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The Art of the cover up

 The art of the cover up revisited. Seems like it is every other day that I am doing a tattoo cover up or fixing up poorly done tattoo. The skull […]

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Tattoos Mistakes, Think before you ink!

 Sorry to disappoint Mike, but your name won’t be there forever like you may have thought. Tattoo that seemed like a great idea at the moment may need some rethinking […]

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Before and After Tattoos

 Reworking an older tattoo is a challenge to say the least. Always trying to improve the overall tattoo, I work on creating flow throughout the whole tattoo. Many times I […]

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A Colorful Cover Up

 The older tattoo was simple comedy and tragedy  masks. The tattoo was not well done and need to be upgraded. Keeping with a color theme that will add to her […]

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Classic American Eagle Tattoo

American eagles are great tattoo themes. This small tattoo of a soaring eagle was poorly thoughtout and done. Thinking out what the finished tattoo will look like and age on […]

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Classic Tattoo Roses

Classic old tattoo ready to be covered up. These original tattoos were done way too small and lacked definition. Keeping with the flowers to make a cover up work we […]

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The Art of Cover up Tattoos

So it seemed like a good idea at the time, but no matter what you tattoo on your skin you can always have it altered or covered up. Recently I […]

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The Celtic Cover Up

This was a first for me, using celtic tattoo designs to cover up an armband tattoo. Tattoo cover ups are always a challenge, not something to take liightly. Plan out […]

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American Eagle Tattoo Cover Up

The great American eagle cover up? Sounds like a political cover up, but it’s not. Here is an example of my work covering up a branding on his left and […]

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